Issuing a new Release

  • Install bumpversion with:

    $ pip install git+ssh://
  • Install twine with:

    $ pip install twine
  • Determine next version number from the changelog.rst (ensuring to follow SemVer)

  • Ensure changelog.rst is representative with new version number and commit possible changes.

  • Update the version number with bumpversion:

    $ bumpversion $part

    (instead of $part you can use major, minor, or patch.

  • git push --tags origin master

  • Check for TravisCI to complete. If TravisCI fails due to code errors, go back to the start and bump the $part with patch

  • Build artifacts with:

    $ python sdist bdist_wheel
  • Upload artifacts with:

    $ twine upload -s dist/*$newver*
  • Add likely new version to at the top of changelog.rst

  • Go to and click “Add release notes” for the newly pushed release, and publish the release notes there as well.